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If beetles are starting to invade your personal area or home, not to fret! It’s time to call up our professional beetle pest control experts to see for yourself just how our effective beetle solutions work.

Identifying Palm Beach Gardens Beetles

We have had talked to some residents who have actually mistaken a cockroach for a beetle, and vice versa. This can be quickly resolved by analyzing the wings on the pest. Adult beetles will have front wings made of a firmer product than most winged insects. Beetles will keep their front wings folded in order to cover their back wings. In addition, you will see a line along the beetle’s back. They may be a range of sizes, shapes and colors when you come across a beetle in Palm Beach Gardens.

Types of Beetles in Palm Beach County, FL

You might come across a variety of beetles around your property in the Palm Beach County area. They include:

  • Pink Lady Beetle

  • Convergent Lady Beetle

  • Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle
  • Mealybug Destroyer
  • Twospotted Lady Beetle


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Beetle Life Cycle

Beetles go through 4 stages of a life process – egg, larva, pupa and adult. How long it remains in a cycle is determined by the kind of beetle. It might mature quickly or it could be 3 years before it enters adulthood. Rapidly developing beetles will certainly produce many generations in a single year. Likewise, the accessibility of food will certainly impact how long it may take a beetle to develop.

What Do Beetles Eat?

Curious about what beetles take pleasure in consuming? Plant and animal products are their typical choice. You may say that beetles are rather clever in that adults will lay their eggs close to the food that will feed the larvae once hatched.

Some beetles can likewise be harmful; like the carpeting beetle. The larvae of carpeting beetles will definitely eat natural fibers, harming most fabrics. Another destructive bug to think about – the powder-post beetle. It wants to eat bamboo and hard wood.

Then there’s grain and flour beetles; they choose food commonly found in a residential property. If they get inside of properties (often industrial) that serve or store food items, they can easily damage the food and products in a short time.

June beetles are understood for choosing yard roots so they can trigger damage to your beautiful landscape. Elm leaf beetles will certainly assault trees. The bottom line is that beetles, no matter what kind, are not always an enjoyable bug to sustain.

Advantages of Beetles

While some beetles can cause damage, the majority are still helpful. Take the ladybug (lady beetle) for example. It will certainly consume pests present on your plants like mealy bugs and aphids, so they can be a welcome insect for garden enthusiasts. Regrettably, they can still end up being hassles; throughout late summer and fall seasons you may see them invading your home; both inside and outside.

They are looking for shelter for the cooler months coming which is why they wind up finding their way inside your property. Luckily, it’s not the end of the world when this happens.


Beetle Solutions & Prevention

Get relief from undesirable beetles in your home by calling our expert Palm Beach Gardens beetle control technicians at (561) 858-9520. Your pest tech will determine the kind of beetle wreaking havoc on your property and after that, select the best treatment option so you can have a beetle-free home once again. Simply phone us today and get a quote, inquire about the treatment we make use of, or set up an inspection!

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